Monday 18 June 2007

Sunflower update

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:55 pm by knotsincotton

I’m really enjoying stitching these little flower samplers and am sort of sorry that I don’t have a bunch of them to stitch one after the other. 🙂 There are only two more designs like this – Holly&Ivy Sampler and the new Daisy Sampler.  Even though I like the new design, I doubt I’ll buy it as I don’t like the format.  Holly & Ivy already went on my shopping list so you’ll be seeing it on the blog in the not too distant future. Now I’m keeping everything crossed that one day either LHN or CCN will bring out a Pansy Sample.  A girl can dream, can’t she?


The next project in the SAL with my friend in the UK is Valerie Pfeiffer’s Chickadee Coaster set. After that it’s mailart with a Summer theme and I already found some charts for it, marked out the fabby, got the lining fabric and buttons so all I need to do is stitch it! Wish I was this organised with all my projects!!

Since I started blogging and describing my stitching and how I feel about it, I have noticed that I often say that I enjoy stitching this or am having fun stitching that.  That’s the whole point of stitching, isn’t it? To have fun and enjoy seeing a project flow from your needle, otherwise it’s as much fun as eating white-hot coals… 😉 I love seeing other stitchers progress as much as I enjoy seeing my own pieces grow and I think that is something special amongst stitchers – there is no jealousy of another’s work, just inspiration and (let’s not forget) enabling!



  1. dee said,

    Ah yes …. the enabling. I think I see a need to acquire the Daisy Sampler you wrote about.

    I have the perfect recipient for such a gift.

    Off to go looking…..

  2. Great sunflower crafts! A few friends and I are creating a great site on the web devoted to sunflower lovers. Feel free to post your pictures in our crafts section with information for where our readers can go to purchase them. The Crafts section may not be working for a week or two, but the forums are working and you can share your site there and then again on the crafts section in a couple weeks. Check us out at If you like our Sunflower lovers site please add a link to the site on your blog. Below is text to add for the link description or use your own.

    Rosemary Trujillo

    “The Ultimate Sunflower Site with everything sunflower from gardening forums to crafts, décor, history, information, fun stuff and much, much more.

  3. Sally said,

    What a beautiful WIP! So bright and cheerful.

  4. Sue said,

    Your sunflower is looking lovely, these really are going quickly for you. As to a Pansey sampler, I would really enjoy one of those as well, they are such a pretty flower.

  5. Wow….beautiful stitching, The sunfower is definitely very inspirational. Please come visit the Ultimate Sunflower site at Would love for you to share this in our forums Crafts section.


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