Monday 5 May 2008

Quaker Time

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I hope everybody had a great weekend!

We had a very interesting weekend. A very Bayerische (bavarian) weekend. On Saturday we went to a little town very close to us, Bad Abbach. Originally it was only called Abbach, but since it was very popular as a spa resort since way back when, the town officially changed its name to Bad (Bath) Abbach in 1934. Its biggest claim to fame though is that Emporer Henry II was born there on the 6th of May 973. There was some sort of occasion in the little church and they had an Oompah band playing – complete in traditional costumes. Here are some pics from Bad Abbach, with an elusive (and not very fancy) maypole in the mix as well.

Bad Abbach

Bad Abbach

Bad Abbach

Bad Abbach

Today we went to our ‘local’ (we have 5 ‘local’ ones in our corner of the city but this is our favourite) biergarten for the Maibock Anstich. Okay, let me explain that a bit… Bock is a sweet, strong beer and the Maibock is a variation of that. The ‘Anstich‘ is the official opening of the beer barrel, normally by some or another famous-y* person. The barrel isn’t just opened – the anstich entails taking a spout and tapping it into the barrel. Of course, Bavarian pride says you have to drive the spout into the barrel with one serious swing of the mallet but face it, it takes two or more swings to drive the spout home! 😉 Naturally, they had an Oompah band for entertainment – for your viewing pleasure, I took it upon myself to film a bit of it. (Excuse the huge tree smack in the middle of the screen, and not to mention the bad quality!) It’s a hard job sitting in a beergarden under tall chestnut trees, relaxing with the Good Husband, listening to the band while eating roasted pork knuckle, but I suffer all this in silence to bring a bit of Bavaria into your home. :mrgreen:

Oompah Band

* Yes, I am fully aware that there is no such word as famous-y. You are either famous or you are not. Or are you? How about being a tad famous? Then surely, you are a famous-y person.

One thing I tend to do quite often is to print freebies and then have no idea where I got them from. I finished this freebie into a coaster for my stitchy corner in the livingroom, and all I can tell you about it is that it is called Quaker Time. I tried Google but can’t find it!

Quaker Time

There’s still a lot I want to share, but seeing as this post is getting very long I’ll leave the rest for my next post. 🙂


Thursday 1 May 2008

April Ornament Finished

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Phew, at last I am up to date with my Bride’s Tree Ornaments! This little baby is April (Hope) which I finished yesterday.

April Ornament

I was browsing through my pics to see if I have a picture of a Maypole, and (seeing as nearly every town in Bavaria has one) can not believe that I don’t have a pic of one to share on May Day. Go figure! Guess what I’ll be on the lookout for when next I’m off snapping photos? 😉

Well, that’s it for today – keep those needles going!