Saturday 26 April 2008

March Ornament Finished

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Okay, yesterday I decided to put the kibosh on feeling sorry for myself. It’s getting lame. It’s irritating and I get nothing done.  Yes, feeling sorry for yourself is indeed a full-time job. 😉 Did I also mention that feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t help? At all? Not one bit?

I finished the third Bride’s Tree Ornament – March (Good Wishes). Only one more and I am up to date with the SAL. It’s just as well because I have quite a few things lined up that need stitching. Feeling sorry for myself and getting very little stitching done did not stop me from doing some serious stash shopping, however. If I tell you how many orders I have placed over the past three weeks the nice gentlemen in white coats will come knock on the door looking for me! 

March Ornament

This morning I mailed out the first of my PIF’s. I didn’t want to send my PIF’s out when the whole PIF business took off because everyone was expecting theirs in the mail at any moment. So, I took the evil approach and decided to wait at least 3 months before mailing it out. Three months turned to six and six to nine. The recipients may have to brush a bit of dust off the packets!

Here are some pics from Rothenburg ob der Tauber that I visited in January with my mum. It’s a very pretty little town and is on the Romantische Straße. Enjoy!




To see more photos (including the world’s largest Swiss Army Knife :mrgreen: ), click here.



  1. staci said,

    Very cute March ornament! I love that town…change that to adore it~~it looks so sweet and quaint and peaceful (and clean), and the buildings are so beautiful. I wanna live there, LOL!

  2. KarenV said,

    What a pretty ornament! I love your pictures too, especially the first one with the “crooked” house on the corner.

  3. Dee said,

    Beautiful town!

    I love the March ornament. The colors are very pretty.

  4. Sally said,

    Lovely ornament. It’s so pretty and I love the colours.

    Lovely photos too.

    Yep feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t help but it doesn’t stop us doing it! Lol!

    Now you’re not supposed to keep it a secret what you ordered!!! Enquiring minds would like to know! Lol!

  5. Harmien said,

    Glad you’re not letting the bad feelings win!!
    I love your March ornament. Such great colours!

  6. Sonda in OR said,

    Your ornament looks lovely! Nice job!

  7. Monique said,

    Great pictures of the village!

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