Sunday 13 April 2008

‘Good Things’ Finished

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I went to the doctor Friday morning (at the godless hour of quarter to seven in the morning, no less!) and got more bad news concerning my knee – it seems the lateral meniscus has torn as well. Oh joy. 😦 On Monday I’m going for a CAT scan and then the full extent of the damage to my knee will be clear. 

The doc I saw on Friday was an extremely nice guy (unlike most docs here) and the only complaint I have is that after he yanked, bent and twisted my leg I can hardly put weight on the knee. Hello again, Mr Painkillers! The whole business with my knee is really depressing me and I’m very irritable. (I have a nasty suspicion that it’s the painkillers making me so irritable – and they’re not exactly helping either.) The poor Good Husband has to tread very lightly around me and has been treading lightly since the accident. None of this is his fault, but he’s getting it anyway. Because of the knee I have very bad posture at the moment so as you can imagine my back, shoulders and left knee is now starting to give me hell as well.  Right, enough of feeling sorry for myself and boring you to tears with my real or/and imagined misery.

I finished  the Lizzie*Kate and it came out seriously cute on the Rose fabric. I’m thinking of turning it into a little zippered pouch for my friend to cart her scissors, measuring tape, etc around. (Says her, the great finisher of things… *rofl*) The brown/pink background fabric is what I want to use for the pouch – what do you think?

LK - Good Things

At long last I started on my Bride’s Tree ornaments. I started the January (Protection) ornament, but it’s not worth posting a pic of as I only have two sides of the little border done so far.  Soon I will shock and amaze the SAL group by actually posting a finish! 🙂

Dee asked whether the couple in the Venice pic is me and the Good Husband. Nope, it’s not. Besides the fact that they are both way too short, the Good Husband will never, ever, ever dress up and prance around where thousands of other people can gawk at him. (And, errm, me neither,of course!) :mrgreen:

Here are some pics from our trip to Carlsbad (Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic) in January of this year. To see more you can click here.




Sorry for the long post – got a bit carried away with moping and moaning. Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Dee said,

    The fabric will look great with the stitching. That’s a cute idea for using a small stitched piece. I’m sure your friend will love it.

    The first Carlsbad picture is awesome. What an impressive square. I love the colors.

  2. staci said,

    So sorry about your knee news 😦 But your finish is really cute and your pick for the fabric is perfect too! Can’t wait to see the cute bag you’re going to make 🙂

  3. Harmien said,

    I do hope that you will receive some good news about your knee today, fingers crossed!! Sending good thoughts your way! Does a bum knee make for good stitching at least???
    The pouch is going to look fabulous. Love the fabric you’ve chosen, both the linen and the polka dot fabric!

  4. Sally said,

    Oh, June, I’m so sorry to hear about your knee. I hope today goes well and you finally get some answers.

    Love the L&K finish and the fabric you’ve chosen for finishing it is lovely.

  5. chiloe said,

    I really hope they will find a way to help you with your knee 😦

    I got my Margaret Sherry chart yesterday !!! Thank you very much June !!! 😀 I love it !!!

  6. Gaby said,

    Puh, das hört sich nicht gut an, überhaupt ist es nicht gut sich ein Bein zu brechen, meine Mama hat seit Jahren damit Probleme…
    Ich wünsch Dir alles Gute:-)
    Aber schöne Sachen hast Du gestickt;-))


  7. Sue said,

    I’m so sorry your knee is giving you such trouble. I have arthrtis in both of mine and that seems to cause enough troubles on its own, I can’t imagine the difficulties yours is giving you. I hope they are able to do something soon, and the pain meds can begin to help and not cause other side effects.

    The LK piece turned out adorable, what fun fabric to do it on, and the backing fabric looks great with it. Your other pictures were awesome too, what a lovely place to visit, the buildings and such are gorgeous.

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