Monday 24 March 2008


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but not kicking! 😦

Just wanted to let you know that I’m still around and will get around to regular blogging (or what constitutes regular blogging around here) again soon. A week ago during our annual two week skiing trip I managed to bust my knee and  subsequently hurt my back, so as you can imagine I am miserable and feeling sorry for myself to no end. Will tell you all about that pleasant experience in my next post.

Things were crazy since December and it’s been touch and go here for the past three months. On the stitching front I didn’t manage much but have at least gotten a bit done. I will show pics of my little projects soon and also have some travel pics to share.

I’ve joined the Bride’s Tree SAL last year but so far have not uploaded any of the pieces (disgrace) or contributed to the blog, which I’m hoping to rectify soon as well.

 On Wednesday I’m flying to the UK for the Stitch & Craft show at Olympia and you can not believe how happy I am that I booked the flight before we left because that is a silver lining of unimaginable proportions at this stage. (Just not looking forward to the Assisted Boarding – that will really make me feel decrepit! 😉 ) I will be staying with my sis for the week and I’m looking forward to some TLC like only my sis can give. So if you happen to be at Olympia and see a woman hobbling along like Long John Silver accompanied by a bewildered/wild eyed woman (my sis is going with to help me get around and she is highly allergic to any sort of crafts), that would be me! It will also give the Good Husband a break. He is looking after me fabulously but I think if I wake him up one more morning with ‘I need to go to the bathroom’ and have him fly out of bed to help me up he’s going to scream. 🙂

Well, that’s it for now. I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas & New Year, and Happy Easter to all.




  1. chiloe said,

    Glad to see you back 😉 Sorry for your knee !!! I hope you will be running for the craft show 😉

  2. Harmien said,

    Ouch, ouch, ouch, that does not sound good! I hope you and your sister have a great time nonetheless!! Feel better soon!

  3. Sally said,

    I am so happy to see you back! I have thought about you often over the last few months and wondered where you were. So sorry to hear about your knee. That’s no fun.

    Have fun at your sister’s!

  4. staci said,

    Oh my goodness!!! Have a good time with your sis and hope you are feeling better and healing quickly!

  5. marmiarmo said,

    I’m so sorry that you are not feeling well, but I am so glad to see you back blogging. I really missed reading your blog.

  6. Sue said,

    Oh my, it does sound like you’ve been dealing with an awful lot. I hope that your feeling better soon, and that your trip in the meantime is lots of fun and not to much difficulty is experienced as you try to get around. Have fun with your visit, and I envy you the craft show, it sounds like fun. Looking forward to seeing your stitching when you get time.

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