Tuesday 4 December 2007

Talk about depressing…

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Am I relieved to be able to blog again! For the last couple of days I had terrible problems with the internet – no problems getting on, but staying on. After a fair share of frustration and investigating, I think that I found the problem. Keep your fingers crossed that the problem is indeed solved.

On Monday I was supposed to meet up with a stitcher from Louisiana. She and her husband took a river cruise and were here in Regensburg on Monday. We emailed one another and decided to meet up in the morning as they’d be leaving in the afternoon again. For some reason these things never work out and even though I waited a total of three and a half hours (!!) we have missed one another. Monday was such a miserable day to boot – wind howling and rain beating down. 😦 To be honest I wasn’t upset that I had to wait so long (I HATE waiting), I was frustrated that I waited and we didn’t manage to meet up. I even had a little gift for her which (surprise surprise) managed to get soaked. Talk about a depressing day…

Work on Winter Peace is coming along slowly as I didn’t manage to get much done on it since my last post. Tomorrow I have the whole day to stitch so can hopefully do quite a bit on it.

Snow Peace

How is everyone doing with their Christmas shopping and Chistmas cards? I’m a bit late this year with everything.  I still need to buy some gifts for the family and still need to mail out the gifts for friends inside the EU. On Saturday we brought up all the Christmas decorations from the basement but they are still in their boxes. As you can see, nothing is happening fast around here.



  1. Emily said,

    We had internet issues last month, what a drag. 😦 Glad it’s functional now for you.
    I am way behind on presents and such. Christmas is low-key for us though.

  2. Sally said,

    We had problems with out internet ( you may remember the saga!) and it turned out to be the phone line. All fixed now though:) I hope it’s sorted for you.

    I am done with present shopping apart from a few things to come that I’ve ordered online. Cards are written except for family cards so all that’s left is wrapping and food shopping!

    Winter Peace is looking good. I love the colours:)

  3. Dee said,

    Your project is beautiful!!!

    Sorry you didn’t get to meet up with your friend. That would have been fun, I’m sure.

    As for Christmas — Tree is up, lights are on the outside, checks to the nieces and nephews are sent, some cards sent…..still have to shop for DH and DS and get the rest of the cards out.

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