Thursday 15 November 2007

Behold! A miracle…

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For the first time in the existence of this blog, you will actually see a ‘finished’ finish! (The PIF’s don’t count because I can’t show them yet and the exchange pieces also don’t count because I had to finish them.)  Thanks to Harmien and her absolutely idiot proof whipstitch/beading tutorial, I present to you my first biscornu. Please note the beaded finish! 😉

From this…


To this…


I did mention the beaded finish, right? :mrgreen: The beading is a bit wonky but otherwise I’m really pleased. Pleased that I actually got the corners lined up and pleased that I managed to do the beading, wonky or not! 

I’ll be dropping from the radar again. This time only for ten days. The Good Husband and I are off to the UK. We’re spending the weekend with my sis, then we’re off to  a week of stitching and gossip with Karen (who I’m doing the SAL with)  and attend a stitchy show, then another weekend with my sis before coming back.  (The Good Husband will be entertaining himself with bookshops and sightseeing while Karen and I stitch and chatter. ) The project we chose to do for the week is Snow Buddies by Sisters and Best Friends. Karen is an incredibly fast stitcher so she’ll finish hers and I’ll be lucky to get a third done! Speaking of SaBF – check out this adorable snowman on Glenna‘s blog – I so have to find that chart and the hunt is already on!!

Thanks so much for all the input on Bucky. The verdict: the lilac buttons stay!

Take care and keep those needles going! Chat again soon. 🙂



  1. kris W said,

    I found your blog, looking for snowman patterns to cross stitch. I love them, and I just had to comment on your lovely snowmen. I found that stitches and things has the Uncle Willy pattern, I did a little search, as I wanted it too. So cute. I don’t have a cross stitch blog, I have a regular blog, but I want to start a cross stitch one soon.

  2. Dee said,

    Wow! What a cute biscornu. You did a fabulous job. Of course, snowmen can’t be anything but cute!!!

    Have a wonderful trip to the UK. Sounds like a great weekend is in store.
    I’ll be thinking of you doing your stitchy thing while DH and I power wash the house! I think I’d rather stitch. :::wink:::

  3. Sally said,

    I LOVE your biscornu! It is gorgeous.

    Have a great trip over here!

  4. Sally said,

    Forgot to ask is the snowman biscornu a freebie or a retail chart? Would love to know where you got it from:)

  5. Sonda in OR said,

    That is a great little biscornu! The beading is a nice “fancy” addition!

  6. Maribel said,

    WOW! Looks great your biscornu! Very nice design!

  7. Sue said,

    I love the biscornu, it’s adorable with the little snowmen and your finishing looks wonderful. The beaded edging is a perfect touch. Have fun on your trip, can’t wait to hear about it and see the stitching you get done.

  8. Emily said,

    Cute biscornu. The beads are a great addition!

  9. marmiarmo said,

    This is adorable!!! I don’t usually like biscornus, I guess because I like my cross stitch to be representational of actual things, not motifs…does that make sense? Like, I like snowmen, and little bears, and flowers, but not so much the Quaker motifs and things.
    Anyway, this is too cute! And I love the beaded edge, too!

  10. wawanna said,

    WOW is this ever cute, you did a fab job – it is really darling. The beads add an elegant touch, how clever of you. You must be very pleased & proud. Yea! One can never have enough biscornus!

  11. Barbara said,

    It came out absolutely brilliantly!!!

  12. Lesley said,

    Your biscornu is beautiful – well done!

  13. Irene said,

    Great biscornu, love the idea of using beads.

  14. Sharon said,

    You did a fabulous job! It’s beautiful.

  15. Gaby said,

    Hi June,

    Dein Biscornu ist superschön geworden…ich hab noch gar keins für den Winter gemacht, muss ich nachholen;-)
    Hoffe, mal wieder von Dir zu hören.

    Gruss Gaby

  16. lena-lou said,

    Hello, I came from Harmiens blog to see your Biscornu and think it has turned out fab. I have not done a beaded edging with whipstitch but intend to sometime as it looks pretty 🙂

  17. leliaevelyn said,

    Beautiful Biscornu — turned out lovely : ) IM0 – the beads look nice. And, believe it or not, I’ve not made a biscornu YET. My stitching has been on a back burner for some time now.

  18. Sweet Pea said,

    Ohhh, pretty! Is there a tutorial online?

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