Tuesday 13 November 2007


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I think I have developed a serious obsession with snowmen and I’m afraid to say that I have enough to keep me busy until next winter! Over the next couple of weeks (months?) this blog will most probably just feature snowmen. You have been warned! 😉

Yesterday I received some of the goodies that I ordered from Mary Kathryn during the Online Needlework Show. Don’t you just love the Voodoo Doll? 😀 When we were in the States  Sept/Oct I kept a lookout for one but didn’t find any, only to come home and order one from the comfort of my home… Go figure!


Bucky is finished and even though he is supposed to have white buttons (snowballs) to juggle, I quite like the lilac buttons on it. What do you think? I started on a little snowman biscornu today. I’ve never done a biscornu before so we’ll see how that turns out. Not that I haven’t been tempted to do one before – just never thought I’d get all those weird angles right. 😯 (Not to mention that I’m not big on finishing!)


That’s it for today – thanks for visiting!



  1. Maribel said,

    Bucky is a really cute one! I like the buttons!

  2. Sue said,

    I love the lilac buttons, he is just too cute. Your patriotic snowman you finished a while ago was very cute too. Like you I really enjoy snowmen, they have such fun faces and shapes, they make you smile looking at them. With the cooler weather we’ve been having it’s making me eagar to pull one of my WIP’s back out to work on, Snow Ho Ho.

  3. Harmien said,

    Voodoo Boy is hilarious!! And Bucky is just lovely with it’s lilac buttons.

  4. Sally said,

    Bucky is gorgeous and I love the buttons you chose for him:) Now I like snowmen so I will never tire of seeing them! Looking forward to seeing your biscornu.

    Very nice new stash too:)

  5. staci said,

    Very cute finish–the lilac buttons are the perfect compliment!

  6. Dee said,

    Voodoo boy is hilarious.

    Bucky’s buttons go well with his colors.

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