Saturday 10 November 2007

Ho Ho Ho…

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Well, we got the snow everyone was promising today. A lot. Brrr… We didn’t do our normal Saturday outing but did a bit of shopping here in town instead. 

There’s nothing like snow to put one in a Christmas mood so I picked up a couple of Christmassy things today. Got serviettes, fabulous broad ribbon (no idea what I’m going to use it for yet) and two little chia-pet type snowmen. Chia things aren’t really my cup of tea, but these are adorable! They’re very small, and I was thinking of putting one in the kitchen and the other in the main bath. Definately something different, don’t you agree? 😉


A (bad) close-up of the little hairy snowmen! :mrgreen:


I worked a bit on Bucky yesterday and he’s coming along slowly but surely.


What did put a damper on the day is the fact that my cellphone/mobile died. I started having problems with it a while ago and today it finally gave up the ghost. The thing that really ticks me off (beside having to be without a cellphone for a while) is that it’s less than six months old! 😦

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



  1. Dee said,

    Bucky is adorable. Doesn’t he look like he just told a joke?

    Love the little snowman Chia-pet too.

  2. Sally said,

    Oooh snow! I am jealous!

    Love how Bucky is coming along!

  3. Emily said,

    I love all your snowmen. They are all so cute.

  4. staci said,

    So glad that you’re back to blogging 🙂 Love all your stitchy snowmen–they make my heart melt too!!!

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