Wednesday 7 November 2007

Snowman Invasion

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We’ve been having horrible weather since Sunday and according to those in the know (or those who just pretend to know!), we’re going to have the first snow soon. Just as well that I stitched a little snowman to mark the grand ( ūüėČ ) occasion. Only problem is that I am keen on stitching another and another and another… I have quite a few snowman charts that I have never gotten around to stitch and today I dug them all out of the boxes which come to think of it, can’t be a good thing! ūüôĄ

Here is the little Waxing Moon freebie stitched up – I omitted the text.

Waxing Moon

I started another little fellow today;¬†Bucky the Snowman by The Trilogy. The ‘Deep Sea’ thread by Weeks is so much darker than on the chart, that I checked and re-checked to make sure that I’m using the right thread!

Trilogy - Bucky

Here I am stitching away at snow chappies while I have so much else that needs doing. *sigh* I can tell you what I have on my¬†to-stitch list that I want to finish¬†for Christmas¬†but it’ll just frighten you.¬†Fortunately three of the projects¬†have a snowman incorporated into it¬†so I’m pretty sure that they, at least,¬†will get done now that I am in a ‘snow’ frame of mind!

For those among you that enjoy the Saturday pics, I uploaded pics of our Standard Saturday Outings here. Except for the ones I posted on here previously, there are a few more to look at in each folder. Enjoy! :mrgreen:



  1. Dee said,

    Such CUTE snowmen. I love snowmen! There’s just something wrong about that considering we live in Florida! LOL

    Your’s are adorable.

  2. Sally said,

    I love snowmen! Your Waxing Moon one is si cute and I’m looking forward to seeing Bucky finished! Now I want to stitch a snowman! Lol!

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