Sunday 4 November 2007

Back on track…

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I hope everyone had a great weekend. Our’s consisted of the usual Saturday excursion which (as you know by now) consists of buying armloads of books, stuffing our faces at a Greek restaurant and then hunting for crafty shops ambling around taking pics. Today we lazed around the house and watched some DVD’s. The Good Husband cooked for us tonight (Nasi Goreng with Saté sauce) so I had a laid-back day to say the least.

This weekend we went to Ingolstadt again. We have been there for three consecutive Saturdays – every weekend since we came back. We bought books, some Christmas presents for the kiddies of friends, had a lovely lunch and I picked up a few crafty bits. The crafty shop there is tiny. No kidding. Teeny tiny, but it is packed. There are shelves right up to the ceiling which is a bit of a pain if you don’t happen to (conveniently) be married to a 6,4ft German that just manages to reach the top shelf if he  does some serious reaching standing on a (conveniently) located step-ladder. Granted they don’t carry stitchy stuff, but have all sorts of other lovelies to keep a girl happy!

I finished the little french heart freebie and it looks quite nice although I think I should have used something else than the powder blue fabric. Never mind – you live and you learn! For those that asked: it is stitched with Needle Necessities ‘Finian’s Rainbow’, (new name ‘Rainbow Fairy’).


Even though I have a lot of stitching to do and catch up on, I couldn’t resist starting this little guy. It’s a freebie by Waxing Moon and is called Patriotic Snowman.


I bought these little wooden boxes, braid and cording on Saturday. The boxes are the perfect size for smalls, although I have absolutely no idea how to go about covering boxes or making them up. I imagine it’ll involve a fair amount of glue and a fair amount of cussing and cursing… 😯




  1. Sally said,

    Amitie is beautiful!

    Love the start you’ve made on Patriotic Snowman. He’ll be a nice quick stitch.

    Looking forward to seeing your boxes made up:)

  2. Annemarie said,

    Lovely start and finish! Your pictures make me want to stitch snow people too!

  3. Glenna said,

    I like the little french heart, and Ingolstadt sounds like a blast.

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