Wednesday 31 October 2007


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the time for ghosts, ghouls, the undead and a *dead* blog returning to life!

I have been very quiet on the blog so before I get started let me grovel and apologise profusely for leaving my readers in the dark and being quiet for such a long time. Now, before I put my grovel face on and start grovelling like a dog that peed on the priceless persian rug that’s been in the family ever since great-grandmother went on her five-year world trip, let me thank everyone that sent me a note or email enquiring after me, my health, my family etc. Your notes and emails were much appreciated!! I even appreciated the anonymous email that just said: Where are the Saturday photos? 😉 After such a long absence I ask myself whether I still have readers!

You know what, grovelling will turn this into a very long post so let me just say ‘mea culpa, mea maxima culpa’. 😦 Since my last post I have been all over, have done a lot of things and seen a lot of places. (Yes, there are pics! 😀 ) I’ve had some really sad news and some excellent (and surprising!) news. All of which I will bore you with in upcoming posts…

Blogging wise, Dee nominated me for the Rockin’ Girl Blogger award just before I disappeared from the radar – I’ll cover that (and nominate bloggers) in my next post.  Over the next couple of days I’ll get around to reading everyone’s blogs – I’m sure you’ve all been super busy and I’m looking forward to catching up on everyone’s finishes and current projects.

I haven’t stitched much since my last post and have only picked up the needle again three weeks ago. Now of course, I have a lot to do and catch up on! Christmas is just around the corner and I sabotaged my plans big-time by not stitching for such a long time.

That’s it for now, folks! Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!



  1. chiloe said,

    Glad you’re back !!! I am reallu wondering what happened to you!!! I hope it’s not too sad … Can’t wait to read your next post !!! (BTW, we’re going to Germany for our x-mas vacations 😉 )

  2. Sally said,

    It’s wonderful to see you back! Looking forward to seeing your pictures:)

  3. Dee said,

    I am SO glad you are back. I’ve missed reading about your stitching. I’ve really missed seeing your beautiful pictures!

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