Friday 27 July 2007

I received my PIF!

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Yesterday I received some fantastic goodies in the mail, among them my monthly LHN Scipture Thread pack and a beautiful PIF from Harmien!

Harmien made this beautiful basket for me, and I love it. She is one seriously talented lady! The photos doesn’t do it justice – she has much better ones up on her blog. I was very excited when I opened the (beautifully wrapped) parcel and was overawed when I saw what she sent me. For those that don’t know, I have a serious thing for LHN/CCN charts. You’ll never say it when you see how many designs I have stitched, but it’s the unstitched charts you don’t see that confirms my addiction! I have just the perfect spot for this precious basket in my craft room. Of course, it won’t be used.  It’ll just sit there to be admired! :mrgreen:



Something else I want to share is this little heart I received from Gaby a while ago. Isn’t it pretty?


Speaking of mail, Mary Kathryn received the scissor fob she won in the little competition here on the blog a while ago, and you can see it here.  I of course, forgot to take a pic of it before I mailed it off.  Seems I can’t really grasp the concept of a camera – either I forget to take a pic, or forget the camera alltogether. 😉

I’ve done a bit on MBT Faith, and the bigger it grows the more I like the look of the thread. I used an online thread calculator to see how much thread I’ll need for it and it claimed that I’ll need three skeins of 5 yrd overdyed. Errrmmm, I’ve basically done a third on it and still have more than half of the first skein left. When I used the calculator I *knew/suspected* that it’ll most probably calculate thread for a piece filled completely with stitches, but if you have no clue of how much thread you need to begin with, even buying double the floss is no problem… – as long as you don’t buy too little! Everyone knows what a pain it can be trying to find the same colour from the same batch.


Well ladies, I hope you all have a great weekend. We’re visiting friends out of town this weekend, so it’s yet another long drive for us. (Last weekend we had a total of ten hours driving time, and this weekend it’ll be eight.)



  1. KarenV said,

    Harmien’s PIF to you is gorgeous! I love the heart you got from Gaby too – such a pretty colour 🙂

  2. littlecat said,

    What a gorgeous gift. Harmien certainly is talented. And so are you. I love your MBT Faith.

  3. Sally said,

    What a beautiful gift from Harmien!

  4. Dee said,

    Faith is coming along beautifully.

    Have a wonderful (and safe) trip this weekend. I look forward to seeing pictures next week. Don’t forget the camera!

  5. Harmien said,

    Aaw, thank you, June, I’m so glad you like it! I was so pleased to see that you like LHN too, that made it all the more fun to stitch… ;o)
    Gaby’s heart AND your floss fob are lovely!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Sue said,

    The basket it lovely, what a cute design, and the heart fob is so sweet. Your Faith piece is looking beautiful too. You’re right on the floss, much better to have to much than to little. Trying to match a dye lot is a pain, and if you can’t you can really be in trouble.

  7. Brenda said,

    Your basket PIF from Harmien is lovely. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

  8. marmiarmo said,

    That’s a beautiful little basket! I must confess that I share in your passion for all things LHN/CCN. I’m currently stitching the Violet Cottage and have only the roof left to do before posting tomorrow.
    Love your start on “Faith”, too. “Faith” is kind of my keyword…I have the word on my ankle and have signs, cutouts, etc., with that word all around the house.

  9. […] the mystery stitching friend sending out threads is Harmien…below is a picture of a PIF June (Knots In Cotton) received from Harmien; the picture is of the package before opened, notice the note just to the […]

  10. leliaevelyn said,

    Awesome gifts!! and beautiful stitching, too : )

  11. MaryTenderLOS said,

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