Wednesday 25 July 2007

Can it be…

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…that it’s been a week since my last post?!? sad.gif I wish I could fill the post with magnificent stitching that I’ve done since I last posted but alas, I can not since I didn’t do much.

Since my last post I did a lot, just not a lot of stitching! The first and foremost was getting my new laptop sorted. It took me the whole of Thursday to transfer files from my little baby to this monster.  It was a royal pain, but now it’s done and I’ more than happy. Just hope this teaches me to get a new laptop quicker next time and not wait for this one to fall apart like with the IBM.

Last weekend we visited both of the Good Husband’s grannies. We spent the weekend with his mum’s mum, and on the way back popped in to visit his dad’s mum.  His maternal gran is a picture book grandmother: plump, cuddly, glasses and a little rosebud mouth. His other grannie reminds me of my maternal grandmother: tall, fit, can’t sit still and ready to tackle anything. I adore both of them and it was fantastic to spend some time with them.

I have some pics of Halle (of the little church square) but they are from February and not the weekend as I forgot the camera again. I’m starting to think I should have the camera surgically attached! 😉





I finished a second little PIF on Friday and hope to assemble it and have it in the mail with the first before the weekend. On Friday I also started a project that will be a gift when finished – Faith by My Big Toe. I’m using GAST Highland Heather thread and I quite like the way it looks. I was planning on doing it in earth tones but just couldn’t find the right thread.


Of course, when the new Harry Potter arrived on Saturday we weren’t home so the whole of Monday was spent reading.  The Good Husband is reading it at the moment and seeing as I’m one of those people that have Foot In Mouth Disease when it comes to movies and books, I’m not allowed to even say ‘Harry Potter’ without getting dangerous looks from him!

Okay, time to stop nattering! :mrgreen:



  1. Nancy said,

    Very enchanting pictures!

  2. Sue said,

    Great pictures, the houses and coloring look so pretty. I really like the Faith piece as well, the color you chose is lovely.

    Good luck not giving away the ending of HP until your DH is finished, not slipping and saying an ending is much harder than it seems.

  3. Suzanne said,

    I love how Faith is coming along, this is one I would like to do myself!

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