Sunday 15 July 2007

Another day, another chickadee.

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I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. We had a really fun weekend and we’re having marvellous weather for a change!

As you know, we went to Bamberg on Saturday. Just as we get onto the Autobahn, the Good Husband says: Do you have the camera? *shock horror* Me: I forgot the camera! Damn… Him: No problem, we can just turn around and go get it. Me: Are you crazy, that’ll take at least 15 minutes. Him (while doing 180kph and not slowing down): Yeah well, you need pics for your blog, right?  It’s no problem, we can just turn around quickly.  Me: No, it’s okay. Too far now…

Yep, too far – if we turned around when he first mentioned it, it wouldn’t have been far and I would have had some new pics! 😯 Fear not, as it happens I have lots of nice pics that I took on previous visits so here are some ‘old’ new pics. 😉




What would a Saturday be without a bit of crafty/stash shopping? Got some of the (what I thought to be Graziano linen) checked fabric at the stitchy shop, a couple of meters of different coloured ribbon and the two cutest sheep buttons you’ve ever seen! They’re really… –  well you know, cute as a button! :mrgreen: The checks on the fabric is 2cm square (3/4″) whereas Graziano has a half inch check, and this isn’t linen but a mix of some sort.  I know that when I went there first and saw the fabric, that it was called Palermo,. As time went past I sort of started assuming that it was Graziano. The mind is a wonderful thing – makes you remember exactly what you want! 😉 (I souped up the photo for a better view.)


So here we are – another post and another chickadee. I only have one more to do (made a good start on that) and then you’ve survived the chickadee invasion! 🙂 Like the organised person that I am (*wink wink*) I already made a list of what’s next on my list to stitch. Of course, after buying the checked fabric that list is now obsolete because I have fabulous plans and visions for the new fabric!




  1. Pam said,

    Beautiful pictures, I have enjoyed seeing all the places you visit. The towns are so beautiful and historic looking. Your new fabric is so pretty, can’t wait to see what you do with it =) The Chickadee’s you’ve stitched are just adorable, I’ve enjoyed seeing your progress on your blog!

  2. KarenV said,

    Those chickadees are just so cute!

    You got some fabulous stash – love love love the sheepie buttons and the fabric looks great – lucky you!

  3. Nancy said,

    What gorgeous photos! They make me wish I was in that corner of the world. Your new fabric is beautiful and I’m sure will be a pleasure to stitch on. Cute chickadee!

  4. Dee said,

    Must. Get. Sheepie. Buttons!!!!!

    They are the cutest things! I loved that checked fabric too.

  5. Sue said,

    Beautiful pictures, and very cute buttons that you found. The fabic is lovely too, can’t wait to see what you do with it. As to your chickadee, it is adorable, this is such a fun set. Congratulations on another finish.

  6. chiloe said,

    Glad you got a great trip. I love the birds! So what’s next?

  7. Sally said,

    Lovely photos June. I love the buildings.

    Your stash is lovely. I do like the fabby.

    Love the latest little chickadee. He is so cute:)

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