Friday 13 July 2007

Another Chickadee finished!

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The end is in sight for the Chickadees! I’ve finished the fourth one and only have two more left to do.  I’ve already started on the fifth one so can hopefully share a pic of that in my next post. This is quite an interesting project and I think I should look into the other coaster set available – Margaret Sherry’s Cats.

Chick 6

Seeing as I only have two more chicks left to do, I better start weaning you off birds! 😉 For something different (and quick) I stitched up a little Quaker freebie by The Work Basket. I’ve had this freebie for quite some time, but completely forgot about it until I saw it made up into a pretty little blue pillow on someone’s blog.  (Unfortunately I don’t remember whose blog I saw it on.) I’ve decided that I want to turn it into a little pincushion so chose to stitch it in a pink that matches the flowers on the fabby I want to use. You can see the backing fabric in the pic. Somehow I don’t think the fabric really goes with the design – what do you think?

Hedgehog Quaker

After having had rain for the whole week, it is supposed to be nice and sunny tomorrow so the Good Husband and I are going to Bamberg. (Hopefully I can still find some of the Graziano linen at the tiny stitchy shop there!)

Hope everyone has a great and relaxing weekend! :mrgreen:



  1. Harmien said,

    I always want to stitch that WB design and for some reason I never get around to it… :o) You chose a lovely colour and the fabric goes so well with it!!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Dee said,

    Have a good time shopping. Can’t wait to see the pictures on Monday.

  3. chiloe said,

    I love the realistic look of those birds. By the way, do you live near the Stuggart marine’s base?

  4. Sue said,

    Your newest bird it adorable, I’ve really enjoyed watching you post these. Love the hedgehog too, this is in my stash to do at some point. I like the fabric. Laid out next to it the pattern is a little busy, but if you use it to back your pincushion you wouldn’t see it at the same time you see the front design, so I think I will make the back look very pretty.

  5. Sally said,

    The chickadee is so cute!

    Love the hedgehog. I think the fabric will go really well with it.

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