Sunday 8 July 2007

We have a winner!

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Congratulations to the winner of the beaded scissor fob…

cheer3.gif Mary Kathryn cheer3.gif

Thanks to everyone that entered! I’ll be making some more fobs soon so will have another comp in the near future. (I’ll post a pic of the fob once Mary Kathryn has received it.) 

Unfortunately I (once again) have no stitchy pics to share. *sigh* Only one more day of painkillers (and therefore the concentration span of a gnat) so there is light at the end of the tunnel. 😀

This weekend the Good Husband and I went to Deggendorf. Even though we had nice weather, the town did nothing for me. 😦 I got some nice crafty things and great stuff for the house so I suppose the problem was with me being miserable and fuzzy headed. Of course, I did take some pics again and will bore you all with a few of them… 😉





I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! :mrgreen:



  1. Dee said,

    Your pictures are NEVER boring! I love the “legs” stools.

    We played “tourist” in our town today. I got some nice pictures of downtown that I’ll blog through the next few months.

    Not sure how much more “touring” we will do until it cools off. It was wwwaaayyy too hot to be walking outside for too long today.

    P.S.: Got some pictures of statues! LOL But, I didn’t dress them up today. I let them go all nekkid!

  2. Sue said,

    Fun pictures, especially the stools with the legs. Glad you’re almost done with the pain meds, the spacy feeling they give really interfers with getting things done. Looking forward to seeing your picture of the fob.

  3. Sally said,

    I love seeing your photos. They let me see what other parts of the world are like; parts that I’m not likely to ever see:( unless we have a lottery win!

  4. Dani said,

    That’s a beautiful town!

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