Friday 6 July 2007

Competition time!

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I’m more than happy to say that most of the pain is gone, except for a small spot on my back.  Of course, the price for being pain-free is that I feel absolutely grotty because of the painkillers/antibiotics. I can’t concentrate and feel like throwing up most of the time. Obviously, I didn’t do a single stitch. Not much use stitching and then having to unpick everything later because of mistakes. Never mind, only a couple of days of tablet taking left and then the stitching better watch out!! 😀

Thanks so much for all the good wishes – I really, really appreciate it!!

cheer3.gif— COMPETITON TIME — cheer3.gif

To bring a bit of cheer to the blog (and to my day) , I decided to have a little competition. I made a few beaded scissor fobs a while ago and have one left. All you need to do in order to win it, is to tell me your favourite colour. If your fav colour happens to be the colour of the fob, it’s yours. It’s a popular colour so the first one with the ‘correct’ answer is the winner.  (Please note that the fob will only fit onto embroidery scissors.) Only one entry per person – thanks!

The comp is open to all and I will mail everywhere except to the moon. If you’re a citizen of the Moon – hard luck! 😉



  1. Dee said,


    I’m glad you stopped by to see my bit of silliness with the gator tamer.

    As for the food …. come on over. You are welcome at our table any night.

  2. Dee said,

    P.S. Hope you are feeling better soon. Not stitching is a bummer!

  3. mary kathryn said,

    My favorite color is pink! This week anyway.


    Hope you are really better soon!

  4. KarenV said,

    Hope you’re fully recovered soon!

  5. Maribel said,

    Oh, I think it has the colour red!
    Greetings Maribel

  6. Sally said,

    So pleased to hear your pain has all but gone. Hope you stop feeling grotty soon too.

    My favourite colours have already been picked! Lol! Guess there’s a few of us girlies out there that like purple and pink:)

  7. Anne S said,

    Hmmm, I might jump in and say “blue” … Hope you’re feeling loads better soon – being sick is no fun, especially if it’s stopping you stitching! 🙂

  8. Harmien said,

    I would go for cheerful red!
    So glad you’re feeling a bit better. Hopefully you’ll be able to pick up your stitching again soon… Take Care!

  9. Sue said,

    Hmmm get behind in reading posts and I miss out on a fun competition. Oh well, I’d have guessed blue so won’t have been right anyway. Looking forward to seeing the fob when you post it.

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