Wednesday 4 July 2007

A bird in the hand…

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is worth two on the hoop! 😉

Chick 5

I only managed to finish one more of the Chickadees and am about halfway on the fourth. Since yesterday morning I have a terrible pain in my chest/ribs and thanks to that, can’t stitch. Can’t sit down and can’t lie down, although I must confess that when one actually manages to last five minutes in one position the pain gets a bit better.

 When it started I thought I was having a heart attack. (At my age unlikely but not impossible.) My mum has had four mild heart attacks over the last 5 years so I was more than just a tad worried.  I’m not big on doctors but decided to go to the ER this afternoon because the pain was terrible.  After 4 hours in there and lots of needles, poking, prodding, x-rays, and whatnot, they figured out what they *think* it is – pleurisy. Okay, got painkillers and an antibiotic so hopefully in a couple of days I’ll be my old self again. 😀 They wanted to keep me in hospital for a few days for observation… I, being a hardheaded person (to put it mildly), refused point blank. Thanks, but no thanks!

PIF News: I have sent everybody an email so the party has officially started! I didn’t get a fifith participant so chose a friend’s mum for number five. She is such a kind lady and she’ll be pleased as pie to receive a handmade item.  I ‘ll soon put up a little PIF link  on the right with the blogs of all the participants. I’m quite excited about this and I hope everyone has a lot of fun!




  1. KarenV said,

    That little chickadee is so cute! Hope you’re feeling better soon – that sounds nasty!

  2. Sue said,

    Your newest little bird is adorable, can’t wait to see what the fourth looks like.

    Pleurisy sounds awfully painful, I hope the painkillers and antibotics work quickly and you are feeling better soon.

  3. Dee said,

    What a cute little chickadee.

    Hope you are feeling better real soon. Take it easy. Pleurisy is a tough one. So treat yourself kindly and well …..a cup of tea never hurts. 😉

  4. Harmien said,

    Sounds like a pretty scary experience, June! I hope you’re feeling better!!! Your birdie is very sweet!

  5. mary kathryn said,

    I hope you feel better soon. I’ve had that and it isn’t any fun! I’m glad that I’m part of your PIF!!


  6. Sally said,

    Hope you’re feeling better soon June. That must have been a pretty scary experience.

    Love the little chickadee. He is so cute:)

  7. Dani said,

    Adorable HD! Hope you recover quickly I’ve heard that what you have is very painful!

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