Sunday 1 July 2007

Not a stitch…

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PIF NEWS: So far I have four participants and am still in need of one person. If you feel like joining in the fun, please let me know in the Comments section.  Alternatively, if you have trouble posting a comment (like one of the participants did) you can also email me directly. The ‘rules’ can be found in the previous post below.

So far I have the following ladies joining in the fun: Joanne, Mary Kathryn, Mary P. and Maribel.

I will wait a day or two with sending everyone an email to see whether or not we make up a full team. 🙂  

I haven’t touched a needle since my last post so have no stitchy pics to share. To make up for the terrible loss ( 😉 ) I’ll share some pics of the town we visited on Saturday – Landshut. Except that it is a pretty little town, I found a lovely haberdashery shop and a well-stocked hobby shop.  The Good Husband and I have now fallen into the habit of visiting a town in the vicinity every Saturday. Here is how it goes on a Saturday…

I get up first to finish and wake The Good Husband half an hour later. He gets up and is finished 5 minutes later. I need yet another 5 minutes. We eventually get in the car and he starts up the Sat Nav. I complain that we’re not getting a move on soon enough. i.e immediately after I have closed the car door. All the way there I ask – Are we there yet? How long? How many kilometers? (Picture Donkey in Shrek2.)

The moment we get there we look for the parking garage closest to the center of town (explanation soon). We hit town like soldiers and our attack plan looks like this: bookshops – hobby – haberdashery – food – sightseeing and snapping some pics. We buy lots of books and The Good Husband manages to drag the heavy bags to the car just before he collapses. We have a look at the hobby/sewing/haberdashery shops and these items, each one light by itself will by lunchtime have amassed to a weight that makes The Good Husband grunt with exertion.

We plop down in a Greek restaurant. For some reason it must be Greek on a Saturday. He eats too much and complains that he is going to be sick while I slowly but surely (and covertly) add half of my plate to his. After lunch we amble around town trawling through shops and looking at the sights with The Good Husband vowing that that was the last time he eats so much every step of the way. Before we head home, he has a beer and I the strongest cup of coffee this side of hell. On the way home, I don’t ask whether we are there yet – no time, I chatter on about the nice shops (or lack thereof) all the way.

Don’t ask me how this ritual came about. We used to have these little trips on a Sunday and one day he piped up and said: Why don’t we do this on a Saturday? That way you can shop… I thought I heard wrong. You would have thought that you heard wrong too, right?! What sane man makes a proposal like that? The Good Husband can’t be sane for the simple reason that he puts up with me, and after putting up with me for a few years all sorts of funny notions start dancing through one’s head – of that I have no doubt! 🙂




I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and that everybody got lots of stitching done!



  1. KarenV said,

    I love your descriptions of your Saturday outings! They sound like a lot of fun 🙂

  2. Sue said,

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time, what a great way to spend a Sat.

  3. Dani said,

    Beautiful photos!

  4. Tuula said,

    Hello! I´d like to join your PIF if you still have the fifth place free. You are welcome to join in mine, I still have all places free!

  5. Tuula said,


    Sorry, I read your blog a little bit too hasty, so I didn´t see that you had a fifth participant until I had signed up already! Perhaps another time!

    Happy Stitching!

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