Wednesday 20 June 2007

CCN Sunflower Sampler (not) finished!

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The heading on tonight’s post was supposed to be ‘CCN Sunflower Sampler Finished’. 😉   Ahem… – the sampler isn’t finished because I ran into a little problem. A green, six stranded, 8 meter problem.  I ran out of the colour I’m using for the alphabet! I have spares (1 or more) of every single colour of DMC so I didn’t worry about thread running low. As a matter of fact, I even had a quick look on my check-list and it said 3364 x 3. That means I have one on the stitchbow and three spares.  So after finishing the thread I toddled over to my box of spare DMC and looked for 3364. After not finding it with the first rummage I was thinking that I should really have it all a bit more organised instead  of having them jumbled like that.  After the second rummage I was starting to use words my mother would definately not approve of. Back to the check-list. DMC 3363 x 3, DMC3364… No spare! That’s where I spat out words that can strip paint off a wall at fifty paces. Oh well, that’s life, isn’t it? I’ll just have to be patient and wait till I can get hold of the colour.


After the threat of having no paint on the hobby room walls, I decided that instead of sulking over not being able to finish the Sunflower to start on the second stocking for the Good Husband.  Thank heavens I already ordered the extra Weeks and GAST I need for it or there would have been more paint stripping words in a couple of days! 😉

Snowman Stocking

Look what went overhead last night. We see this balloon quite often during summers but this was the first time that it was so close that one could actually see the flame! Cooooool!!




  1. dee said,

    Cool balloon!

    Your sunflowers really are beautiful. Hope you get your replacement floss real soon.

  2. Harmien said,

    Argh, don’t you just hate it when that happens. Hope you get the right floss soon, ’cause your Sunflower Sampler is beautiful!! No more paint stripping please… LOL

  3. Sally said,

    That is just typical when you need a colour and you don’t have it! Sunflower is looking beautiful though.

  4. Nancy said,

    Finished or not your Sunflower Sampler is beautiful!

    How fun to see not only the balloon but the flame as well.

    Happy stitching,

  5. mary kathryn said,

    I hate running out of floss!! We see lots of hot air balloons here in Colorado too. I’ve been woken up many an early morning to the noise of that flame.


  6. Sue said,

    What a pain to be so close and not be able to finish. Hopefully you can get the extra floss soon to finish it up, it’s looking gorgeous.

    Nice start on the stocking too, I’m glad you had a backup project that you were planning on starting anyway to work on.

  7. Redwitch said,

    That is frustrating, it’s looking great, I love LHN and CCN designs. The balloon photo made me feel a bit homesick 😉 for Bristol, where every year they have the Bristol Balloon Fiesta and lots of balloons would fly over. Hope you get your floss soon 🙂

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