Wednesday 13 June 2007

Coming up roses…

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We had a lovely time in Dresden and once again, took lots of pics. When we came back from our last visit there I promised to put pics up outside the blog if anyone wants to have a peek and will do so over the next couple of days.

My birthday on Saturday was really special and it’s the first time since coming to live in Germany that I wasn’t depressed and miserable most of the day.  I received beautiful presents (which the Good Husband insisted we cart along in order for me to open them on my birthday) and have already mailed out most of my ‘Thank You’ notes. (I’m big on Thank You notes – I always feel it’s the least one can do to show appreciation.)

Since I started on the LHN Rose Sampler I haven’t had the opportunity to do much on it, but today finally managed to stitch quite a bit on it. Unfortunately, the camera is out of commission as the batteries went flat and yours truly can’t find the charger or the spare batteries so can only share a pic of what it looked like last night.  Yep, I wanted to blog last night but ended up watching Pirates of the Caribbean 2 instead. 😉

LHN Rose

Thanks to everyone that leave comments – 8974227b.gif! 😀



  1. Dee said,

    First of all a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    Second …the roses are beautiful. I love the colors. You do the nicest projects.

    Hope your birthday happiness will carry over into the whole year!

    P.S.: Somehow your blog went missing from my favorite places so I’m so glad you commented over at my blog. Sometimes my husband gets aggressive with cleaning up old files and I think he messes with the internet files and doesn’t realize things that I like go missing. LOL

  2. rosiekiwi said,

    The Rose Sampler is coming along beautifully!

  3. Sally said,

    So pleased you had a wonderful birthday.

    Your WIP on Rose Sampler is lovely.

  4. Glenna said,

    Thanks for stopping by! And very happy birthday to you. I’ve been looking at your pictures, and your stitchwork is beautiful–looking forward to seeing more, including your pictures of Germany!

  5. Sue said,

    Happy Birthday and I’m glad that you had a good one. Your Rose sampler is looking lovely, the colors are so pretty in it. I’m looking forward to when you post the next update.

  6. Dee said,

    June said:”Go with the hair… – buying glasses for the rest of the world will leave you with no money for stash!! ;)”

    Oooooooh, good point. You are so very right. But, I DID wear butterfly earrings today and nobody called me Sir. 😉

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