Monday 21 May 2007


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Well, I had a roaring time making pincushions over the weekend. :mrgreen: Allow me to introduce the little beauties to you. From left to right: Strawberry Pincushion, a little pumpkin pincushion and last but definately not least, the Pin Blossom Pincushion. I got the instructions for the little pumpkin from Mary Kathryn, but you can also find instructions here.  Both the Strawberry and Pin Blossom turned out really well, but I’m afraid I didn’t use enough stuffing in the pumpkin so it’s a bit flat. 😯


While assembling the little strawberry, I decided to make it into a scissor fob because I’m always losing my needles. I’m so proud of how the Pin Blossom turned out as I had a really difficult time a) figuring out the instructions and b) assembling the pieces. But then again, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed! 😉 Here’s a close-up of the Pin Blossom. 

Pin Blossom

This afternoon I baked some Peanut Butter Shortbread cookies and since the Good Husband walked in they’ve been disappearing at an alarming rate. Good thing I took a pic before he came home! Whenever I bake cookies I have to put them somewhere where he can see them as soon as he walks into the kitchen or he tells me that I *hide* the cookies! 🙄




  1. mary kathryn said,

    Wonderful pincushions!! The cookies look very tasty!!


  2. Dee said,

    I LOVE pin blossom. They’re all adorable, but pin blossom is something else.

    Peanut butter shortbread sounds really good. I can see why they are disappearing quickly.

  3. Sally said,

    Wow those pin cushions are gorgeous!

    The shortbread looks yummy. I love shortbread and can’t resist it if we have any!

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