Tuesday 15 May 2007

A Scientific Fact

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:01 pm by knotsincotton

This morning I spent about three hours going through all my quilting fabric looking for a piece I can use to finish the PS Pincushion. Of course, in this house it is a scientific fact that no matter how much stitching, quilting and crafting stuff I have, I never find the one thing/piece/colour/tool I need. That brings me to the conclusion that I have a hobby room with shelves and boxes filled with things I’ll never need because I never have what I need… Makes perfect sense, right? 😉

Below is an update of Sweet Dreams.  Because of the high count of the fabric it feels as if I’m stitching but not getting very far when in fact I’ve spent quite a lot of time on it since I started it.  Well, that being said it is only fair to add that I’m not the quickest of stitchers which may have something to do with my progress…




  1. Annemarie said,

    Ah yes, I know all about not finding what you’re looking for in your stash. Happens all the time in this household. I happen to be the slowest stitcher in the world, so I mentally shake hands with you. The House Mouse is so sweet!

  2. mary kathryn said,

    Such a sweet design!! Your stitching is wonderful.


  3. Sharon said,

    That is such a cute design-it looks good.

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