Saturday 5 May 2007

Bookmark and Fridge Magnet Exchanges

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I don’t participate in exchanges often and am not a big fan of them in general. Something almost always seem to go wrong – lost parcels, people not acknowledging receiving their parcels or having sent them… The list goes on and on.  Now you ask yourself why I participate when I complain long and hard about them? For the same reason people lend money to people that never pay it back – the simple hope that this time around things will be different. 

Twig, the girl that organised these two exchanges is a fantastic organiser and she kept tabs on everything as much as humanly posible. Bad luck, that constant exchange companion of mine struck again in the form of my partner in the Bookmark Exchange not knowing/remembering whether she received something fom me or not. *sigh* Twig is still trying to sort that out.  Okay, enough ranting and raving – time to step off my soap box and share some pics! 😀

From Hilly in the Fridge Magnet Exchange 


From Twig for the Fridge Magnet Exchange. She wanted everyone to receive a stitched magnet so she stitched this pretty one for me.


From Karen in the Bookmark Exchange


  Wishing everyone a great weekend!


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  1. Sue said,

    Cute exchange gifts. I’ve never done an exchange or round robin, as my schedule is so unpredictible that I’m not sure I could really get things done on time and I’d hate to disappoint someone. Also, I like to stitch when I feel like stitching, and work on something that is calling to me. I’d hate to end up feeling like I had to work on something even if I didn’t want to or was tired. Maybe one of these days when life slows down just a bit.

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