Thursday 3 May 2007

Potius sero quam numquam…

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For all us non-‘Friends, Romans and Countrymen’ that means ‘better late than never’…  An apt title for this post as my last post was nearly two months ago!

Our skiing trip was lovely and as always time just passed way too quick. Every year we go to the same spot in the Italian Alps to ski – a tiny village in Alta Badia called San Cassian or San Cassiano (depending on who you ask). Well, we had fabulous weather and only two days of snow serious enough to keep any sane person (in other words, doesn’t apply to either myself or the Good Husband) off the slopes.  I took lots of pics and will post them on a separate page later for those interested to have a look instead of posting gazillions of pics now. Despite my carefully laid plans to stitch a couple of small projects while we are in Italy I didn’t stitch a single thing.  The only stitching I managed was putting seven stitches in my Thanksgiving Sampler and that was the end of my holiday stitching.

Because we came back from Italy just before Easter we didn’t have time to plan something for the Easter weekend but at the last minute decided to go to Dresden. What an interesting city with so much to see! We had so much fun that we decided to stay a day longer.  Even though we saw and did so much we didn’t manage to see a fraction of all the city has to offer and we’ve decided to pay a visit again a.s.a.p.  (Except that we won’t be staying in the same hotel as yours truly had a seriously spooky encounter there. 😯 ) Again, I will post pics on a separate page later.

In the madness of the last while I missed the Online Needlework Show. I had a look at the goodies when it opened but never got around to email my order to Mary Kathryn. smacksforhead.gif Speaking of Mary Kathryn – she offers a gift service and having used it for some RAK’s recently I can highly recommend her great service for both gifts and personal stashing.

I managed to finish the Thanksgiving Sampler as well as some of the small pieces that was meant as holiday stitching and here they are in their unironed glory:

The Drawn Thread – Thanksgiving Sampler


 Lizzie*Kate – Spring ABC’s


X-Appeal – Spoiled Rotten Dogs


JBW – French Country Pumpkin


I have some more stitchy pics to share (what I received in the Bookmark and Fridge Magnet Exchanges) but will save that for the next post as this one is getting seriously long! 😉



  1. Sally said,

    Beautiful finishes. I love the DT ones. How are you going to finish them all off.

  2. Sue said,

    Glad you had such a good time, and the finishes were all lovely. I have the pumpkin one in my stash to do at some point too. Looking forward to more pictures later.

  3. Sally – Spoiled Rotten Dogs is the only one I have a definate plan for. That will go into a little box frame decorated with dog buttons. I’m notoriously bad at finishing off stitched pieces. 😦

    Sue – The Country Pumpkin is such a quick and easy stitch that you’re going to love stitching it!

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