Thursday 8 March 2007

Flower Boxes!

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Remember the beautiful Flower Boxes design I was raving about and that it only took me one day to cave in and order it? Imagine my delight when I received the chart today! 🙂

The only bit of a shocker (well, a big shocker) is that the design covers six pages! sweat I know that a lot of  stitchers do designs that cover way more than six pages, but you have to bear in  mind that in all my years of stitching, the biggest design I ever stitched covered only two pages.  However, the layout of the chart is fantastic and the six pages consist of easy to read symbols, not all squashed up tight like other designs that are several pages big.  (My guess is that if it was all tight and squashed it would fit onto two pages.)  I must applaud the designer on the great layout of the chart – it makes a coward like me eager to tackle a big design.  A little secret: when you order the chart you also receive a little crossword with it! 😉

I managed a bit on my Thanksgiving Sampler today. Today I realised that I should have stitched it on 32ct (as suggested) instead of on 28ct.  I wanted to turn it into a small pillow, but now it’s a bit too big to make it into a little pillow without it looking ‘not quite right’.  Guess I’ll have to either frame it or make a tuck pillow for it.



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  1. Sue said,

    Nice start, and I love the little buttons, glad the pattern is so easy to read and follow.

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