Monday 26 February 2007

The lights are on…

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…but no one is home! This morning I wanted to phone the shop in Bamberg to order some of the pretty fabric I saw on Saturday. All went well till I picked up the phone. I have the phone in my hand but something is missing –  the phone number. No problemo, I’ll just check it online. I have the Google site open but something is missing – the shop name. Oh, that’s easy! I’ve been there at least 15 times and it’s called…???

Here is my progress on the Summer Sampler for today:

PS Summer

I’m getting a bit bored with the sampler. I started it in December but put it aside a couple of times to stitch other projects. I’m eager to start some smaller projects but if I put this aside one more time it’s definately going to become an UFO.  The fact that I’m not getting a lot of stitching done at a time also means that the project is just dragging on and on. Oh well, I only have the house and garden to stitch and then I’m done so the end is in sight. 😀


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  1. Sue said,

    The new rows you finished look lovely, I like the bird and flowers. Good luck on sticking with it to get it finished,. Projects always look so pretty when done, and it is such a feeling of accomplishement, but some projects are harder than others to stick to at times.

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