Sunday 25 February 2007

Lazy weekend

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Tonight the Good Husband cooked for us again and it was delicious! Yum He cooked Chili con Carne and had a novel idea for serving it – ‘Build A Burrito’. It was great fun and he had all sorts of yummy ‘building blocks’ on the table. 

I stitched a bit more on my Summer Sampler today.  At the moment I’m only stitching in short bouts whereas I normally have about three to four hours stitching time every day.

Summer Update

We had a very laid-back weekend and our little trip to Bamberg was lovely as usual. It was a dark and dreary day but we had a super time despite the unfriendly weather. I didn’t take a lot of pics but you can see why we think it’s so pretty there!






There is also a tiny, tiny, tiny little knitting/stitching shop that I make a point of visiting when we are there. I do most of my shopping online, but it is nice to see/feel stuff every now and again. The shop mainly carries knitting supplies, but she does have a couple of bolts of stitching fabric and a small assortment of Anchor threads.  This is my stitchy spoils for the day; white 32 ct Edinburgh linen and two skeins Anchor Multicolor Pearl Cotton for another bookmark! 😉


While looking at the fabric, I saw some checkered linen that looks like Graziano, except where Graziano have a cream background, this one have a white background and is called (if memory serves) Palermo. She had four colours: white/pink, white/yellow, white/blue and white/green.  I wasn’t sure what to use it with but (of course) the moment the shop closed I had a brainstorm as to what all I can stitch on it! I’m going to phone her tomorrow to place a mail order for some fabric… 😉



  1. Sue said,

    Fun weekend, husband cooked, lovely sightseeing, acquiring stash, and some stitching time too. What more could one ask for?

  2. slowstitcher said,

    Wow, what wonderful sightseeing. I love the frescoes on that building!

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