Thursday 22 February 2007

Over the Rainbow Bridge

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:13 am by knotsincotton

Our beloved little Bella went over the Rainbow Bridge last night. 😥

She was 30 months old and that is a fine age for a hamster, so even though it didn’t come as a huge shock , it is still very sad. When we gave her food and water she was still okay – coming out to see what’s for dinner.  I think the visit to the vet was a major shock for her (especially with the cleaning and the rinsing of the eye) and that it hastened her end. We especially didn’t take her out for playtime Monday night or last night to give her some peace and quiet.  Just before we went to bed, while I was busy getting the things together to clean her eye, the Good Husband found her dead.  When I came into the room he had tears in his eyes and said ‘I think little Madam is dead’. 

Every pet owner knows that there will come a time to say goodbye to their much loved pet(s) and we all dread it.  However, remembering all the joy and laughter they gave us while they were with us will put the smile back on our faces before long.

On another note; I managed to finish off the fridge magnet for the exchange but didn’t do anything on my Summer Sampler. I spent better part of the day washing and disinfecting Bella’s cage and all of her toys to pack them away. (She has a lot of toys!)

Tomorrow I just need to wrap my exchange goodies (pics tomorrow) and take a trip to the post office to mail both the fridge magnet and bookmark exchanges. Then I’ll be soldiering on with my Summer Sampler.  



  1. crossthatpath said,

    So sorry about your little Bella.

  2. Sue said,

    I’m so sorry, losing a pet is so hard, they are family. {{hugs}}

  3. Sally said,

    Sorry to hear about Bella. It’s so sad when we lose pets. Hugs.

  4. Thank you for the hugs, ladies!

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