Tuesday 20 February 2007

Cheryl’s Bouquet

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For all the stitchers who knew Cheryl Miller, please take a look at Needlemania‘s site. Designer Marc Davis has a beautiful free design called Cheryl’s Bouquet.  Although I did not know her personally, I know many loved her dearly and misses her terribly. 

No stitching today but at least I managed to get a couple of things done in my craft room.  I sorted fabric, threads, buttons, magazines, charts and kits and even though it took ages, everything is super organised now!

 I received my small fabric order from 123Stitch! yesterday but forgot to share a pic.  Not a spectacular order; black 16ct, white 18ct, white 28ct and a single skein of SSS called Carrot Juice.  😉


 I ordered the Carrot Juice for the JBW French Country Pumpkin design but think it may be too light.  The thread the chart calls for is a bit too dark for my liking and am hoping to stitch it in a lighter shade.  All I had that is orange and vaguely variegated or hand dyed is a skein of Gloriana (very bright) and DMC (which is even lighter than the Carrot Juice). Any suggestions?


 Tomorrow I’ll hopefully get a full day’s worth of stitching done.  I have a little fridge magnet to finish off for an exchange that I’m in and want to get some serious stitching done on my Prairie Schooler as well.  I’m itching to start PS’s Autumn Wind too so I better hurry up and finish the Summer Sampler!

Take care.



  1. Sally said,

    Maybe you could do a test piece with each of the threads and see which you think looks best? Sometimes threads look a lot different when you get the crosses done! LOL!

    Cheryl’s Bouquet is a lovely piece. I did not really know Cheryl although I had seen her finished HAED piece on the forum.

  2. crossthatpath said,

    I think I like the “carrot juice” the most. Is that the SSS? If so, that’s the colour I personally would choose. Are you stitching it on white or cream?

    PS: I love the name of your blog. It’s my first visit here and the name really ‘tickled’ me. ;o)

  3. Sue said,

    I’d try a bit and see, it probably looks darker all together on the skein than it would when you actually stitch with it. I think the Carrot Juice looks like it would be very pretty.

  4. Sally – I think that’s what I’ll do. The best way to check, really! Although, I’ve kicked the DMC out as it really is way too light.

    Dot – The Carrot Juice is from SSS and I was thinking of stitching it on white. Glad you like the name of my blog. 🙂 It’s a play on words from a saying my uncle Eddie always use for people that aren’t muscular/strong: he has muscles like knots in cotton. (Uncle Ed obviously NEVER tried to get a knot out of cotton before!! *rofl*)

    Sue – You have a good point there; it probably looks darker all together on a skein like that! Will do a stitch or two of each to see what each look like before I decide.

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