Tuesday 6 February 2007

Hello Blogging World!

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Wow – am I glad I finally took the time to set up a blog!  I’ve been threatening to get one for at least a year but just never got around to starting one..

Primarily the blog will be dedicated to my stitching but occasionally there will be a bit of everyday ‘blah’ included.  I love looking at all the stitchy pics of other bloggers and have to admit that if there is no pic, I don’t even bother to read the post.  (Yes, I’m evil – but there is  no way I’m going to read about a stitched piece or WIP and not see it.  B-o-r-i-n-g.)

2007 started off in record-breaking fashion: I finished 3 projects in January so I’m well pleased!  I haven’t uploaded them on my WebShots yet but will post here as soon as I do.  At the moment I am working on a PS called ‘Summer Sampler’ and so far so good.

In lieu of new photos, here are some I picked at random from my 2006 album:

Lizzie*Kate Flip-It Stamps

 L*K 2005 Flip-It Stamps

LHN – Spot Of Coffee

LHN - Spot of Coffee

AOY – Big Ben

 AOY - Big Ben


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